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Get Top-Notch Massage Therapy Treatments in Dieppe

Treat your musculoskeletal problems with a massage today in Dieppe. Massage therapy services done by Synergie Thérapie will complement chiropractic adjustments done by Dieppe Chiropractic Center. You can depend on us to reduce your stress, relieve chronic pains and aches that plagued you in the past. If you want to revitalize both mind and body, you should consider talking to our registered massage therapist - Carole Daigle.

As a professional and registered massage therapist, Carole integrates a variety of massage techniques like stretching, hot stone and cupping therapy to relieve your muscle tension or improve posture. Our massage therapist has 18 years of experience addressing problems related to athletic or sports injuries. She uses a combination of soft tissue release, deep tissue and trigger point therapy to handle your injuries. Get in touch with us now.

Book a Relaxation Massage With Us Today

Our massage therapist uses the latest techniques to help you reduce pain, recover from injuries and manage stress and anxiety easily. Our massage therapies include:

Cupping therapy

Soft tissue release (STR)

Relaxation massage

Deep tissue massage

Trigger point release

Pre/post-natal massage

Post-operative surgery

Scar tissue massage

Hot stones

Why Do You Need a Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy services we offer will help relieve chronic pain and stiffness in various parts of the body. Our massages will relax and soothe your nervous system and muscles. The benefits of therapies like dry cupping and silicone cupping include:

Relieves muscle pain and accelerates recovery

Targets trigger points for optimum relief

An immediate increase of range of motion

Removes blood stagnation

Stimulates the immune system and more

A therapeutic massage at Synergie Thérapie will enhance your overall sense of emotions and physical well-being. Our massage therapy treatment would be ideal for acute and chronic conditions like:


Muscle adhesions


Plantar fasciitis

Post-operative surgery

IT band problems

Frozen shoulder

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Lower back pain


And more

Check Out Our Rates

1 hr. Massage Therapy Session


45 min. Massage Therapy Session


30 min. Massage Therapy Session


*All the above sessions are covered by insurance plans and are subject to individual plan policy and requirements.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your appointment to avoid the cancellation fee. Every effort will be made to fill any spots where cancellation is made within the 24 hour period. If the appointment is not filled, a cancellation fee may be applied. Cancellation fee is equivalent to the full fee for the missed appointment.

Contact Carole Daigle, R.M.T. on or text 506-381-1834 for more details or to book an appointment.

Feel Better

Our therapists are here to make you feel better and to alleviate your pain.

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